My publisher called last Thursday.

“Guess What?! He said. “We just got you a booking on national television!”

“National TV?That’s awesome!” I replied.

“Yeah, you’ll be on Fox and Friends this Sunday.”

Long Pause.

“Jen...? Are you still there?”

It’s not that I wasn’t grateful; I was. But out of all the shows that I could of possibly been on, why did I have to go one of the most politically polarizing morning shows?!

But then my publisher reminded me of something that was very important: it’s not about me. It’s about the trail. Wasn’t my main message that the trail was there for EVERYONE at every phase of life? Everyone included Fox.

It’s not that I’m ultra-liberal, OR ultra-conservative. I would have been just as anxious about going on MSNBC. My political inclinations are more intertwined than a plate of spaghetti. And that makes it a difficult subject to talk about. Especially when my thoughts are constantly evolving and hard to place within a two-party system.

Thankfully, Fox was interested in my story, not because of my politics, but because my faith played a major role in the record attempt. Phew. That’s fine. In fact, that’s great! I have no problem talking about religion. (Let’s just say I have a lot more faith in God than in politics.)

That said, I also agree with our founding fathers who thought there should be a canyon between religion and politics. Sure, it is natural for religious beliefs to persuade people at the polls. But I don’t like it when individuals use religion to persuade people at the polls.

Does that make sense? I just think it should be an individual decision rather than a group identity. And if anything I think that people of all different religions and political groups share more common ground than they realize. That is where the trail comes in – common ground.

So that was my goal this past Sunday: Get over myself, be myself, and talk trail.  And in the end, it was a great event and a great day! Everyone at Fox was extremely gracious. (Plus, I got to have someone blow-dry and straighten my hair, which I really love and I can’t do on my own).


The after-the-show segment:

And, pretty hair:


After the event, I headed straight to Central Park for an urban hike. The walk was filled with different ages, ethnicities and activities. I enjoyed watching a hip-hop dance group and listening to a classical violinist. I walked past displaced individuals seeking shade under a large tree, and hipsters picnicking on fruit and gourmet cheese under the neighboring canopy of leaves. Then, a thought came into my mind. And I smiled. The trail and New York City are more alike than they seem. They both bring a lot of really different, wonderful, people together.