Was there something about our Mountains-to-Sea Trail hike that resonated with you?

I have found the effects of time spent outdoors to be countercultural and deeply personal, yet entirely universal.

A Fitbit can never measure the benefits of hiking. My experience on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail was about so much more than exercise and Instagram pics. It was about gleaning wisdom from the ancient aura of the Appalachian Mountains, internalizing the transitions and adaptability of the piedmont, feeling the creativity and resourcefulness rooted in the Eastern NC farmland, and finding peace on the edge of a deserted beach and expansive ocean. Our ability to access natural areas allows us to connect to something beyond our manmade existence.

I used to see conservation as focused solely on land protection. Now I realize that it is also about protecting our personal health as well as our national identity.

Manual migration through untamed habitats is woven throughout the history of our country – and mankind. The stories of our ancestors are focused on journeys through nature and interaction with the environment. The ability and desire to move through outdoor settings is embedded into our DNA. It is what we were made to do. Hope and progress will forever be manifested in forward movement through new frontiers.

As a family, we made it to the finish line, but this hike will only be successful if we are able to further the expansion and protection of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail for our state, our communities, and our children.

If you enjoyed following our journey I hope that you will show your appreciation by making a donation to the trail. If you want to protect and connect our natural areas then consider giving a little more. And if you believe that hiking is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other but rather a component of humanity and catalyst for transformation, then I hope you join us in making a substantial contribution to safeguard the healing, solace, growth – and limitless possibilities – found on a thin dirt path.

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