Here are the TOP 10 ways that our Book Tour is like a Thru-Hike:


10. We spend the night someplace new almost every night.

9. The space inside our Prius, is about the same as our 3-person tent.


8. If you look at our pics, it is clear that we wear the same outfit over and over. (We also eat a lot of the same food that we do on the trail... tuna, raisins, nuts, crackers. We haven't busted out the Mountain House, yet. But we are thinking about it!)

7. Sometimes it is scary, financially and emotionally. And I ask myself what on earth we are doing out here?!?!

6. Living in such close quarters means that Brew and I end up arguing some... especially when we are tired and cranky. (Also, he chews really loudly.)

5. Living in such close quarters also strengthens our relationship and communication, and allows us to grow closer as a family. (Brew and Charley's new "thing" is shaking their heads back and forth while laughing. It is super cute!)


4. Carrying boxes of books and/or a baby around all day is a lot like shlepping a pack down the trail. (It also makes me glad that my pack doesn't wiggle or poop.)

3. We learned that we need to schedule a "Zero" every now and then so that we don't get too worn out.

2. The adventure is more than just going town to town, it is about soaking up the experience, culture, and scenery in every mile.



1. We discovered that there is still trail magic around every turn!

Thank you to all the folks who have helped us down this trail. From the Randolphs in MA and New York Steve in NY, to Chosen Hiker in Lowell and our new friends at Eagle's Nest in WI... and most recently the McCormicks in IN, there are already too many to mention, but please now that we appreciate your kindness and your generosity. And to everyone at home, who supports us with prayer and encouragement, we love you and miss you too! It is a blessing to discover such an incredible community while in motion.