Q: There hasn't been a new blog post on this website for over 12 months. WHAT HAPPENED?

A: Introducing Charlotte Adelaide Davis, aka Charley. Born 11/13/12. This little rock star, has rocked my world! I don't have near as much work time, trail time, or down time, as I used to. But I am totally in love with this little girl and so grateful to be a mom!


Q: Oh, okay. That makes sense. But now you are back at it and planning to blog every week. How can you do that, keep working - and hiking - while taking care of an 8-month old?

A: I think my husband is upset that he didn't win an official "Best Spouse of the Year" award when he helped me on the Appalachian Trail, because HE IS AT IT AGAIN! This time, we aren't on a footpath, but Brew is taking time off from teaching to look after Charley and help me with a national book tour! So far  in 2013, he is up for MVP in the husband, father and free help categories.


Q: So you and your husband are working together to travel the country and promote your new book. Where can I hear you talk?

A: Check out the "Speaking Events" tab on the homepage of www.blueridgehikingco.com - I have only updated the schedule through early Sept. But our goal is to hike and speak in all 50 states. So check back often to see when we are headed to your neck of the woods.

Q: If I can't make it to a talk. Where can I pick up the new book Called Again?

A: Ohhh, Good Question ; ) Check your local bookstore, or look online:



And if you want a signed copy, you can always get one off our website: http://blueridgehikingco.com/books/

Q: Are you still hiking... with a new baby and new book?

A: Yes! Hiking kept me sane during my pregnancy. You hear people talk about post-baby-blues, but I suffered from some pre-partem depression. Hiking was my therapy. Brew and I backpacked over 600 miles during my second and third trimester of pregnancy. It was hard, but it really helped me bond with the baby. Since the lil' bean came out, Momma has been much happier. It helps that Charley loves the trail. She has been hiking with me since she was just a few weeks old. We have already spent the night in the woods and spotted a bear together.


Q: Your website mentions that you have a guiding company. Do you actually take people into the woods?

A: Again, YES! This actually happens, but I often forget to mention it... maybe I should have majored in Marketing as opposed to Classics?!?! The company goal is to encourage people to get outside through writing, speaking and guiding. The guiding service has been steadily growing over the past few years. I am fortunate to have four wonderful guides working for Blue Ridge Hiking Company. They help folks get out on the trail even when I am traveling, and taking care of Charley. We only lead trips in Western North Carolina. (My favorite place to hike!) And we work mostly with beginner hikers. We take out lots of women, families, and older adults. But we also have helped a couple get engaged, I have set-up challenge hikes for advanced hikers, and we often lead "training" trips for folks who want to walk the A.T.

Okay, that is it for now. I will be back here next week. Promise.