According to, The U.S. Cosmetics Markets brought in over 62 Billion dollars in 2016. Over 62 billion dollars.

I don’t wear make-up when I’m backpacking – or deodorant. I am lucky to wash my hair once a week, and the only thing I comb through it afterwards is my fingers. I still brush my teeth everyday but that is about the only “cosmetic” regiment that comes with me on the trail. By all accounts, I should look and feel gross out there, yet, I never feel more beautiful than when I am walking in nature.

When I am in the woods, I am far away from the billboards, magazines, and commercials telling me what I should look like. And I don’t carry a mirror. I am forced to see myself in a new and different way. As a backpacker, I started to see myself through my interactions with other people. If I was kind, if I could make someone else smile, that was my reflection. That made me feel pretty.

Growing up I always thought that nature was beautiful, but I never saw myself as a part of nature until I became a hiker. And when you feel connected to the delicate wildflower, the thriving forest and the distant mountains you can’t help but feel elegant, vivacious and empowered.

As my diet has changed and gotten better over the years, I have noticed a similar trend in my self-image. The more natural the food is that goes into my body, the better and more beautiful I feel. I have finally realized that what I put inside my body, the source of my daily energy and wellbeing, can also provide a direct connection with nature. I know that when I eat organic whole foods I feel healthier and more self-confident than when I consume overly processed or synthetic foods that contain artificial flavors, flavors, and sweeteners.

I’m not opposed to make-up, waxing kits, skin cream, or hair dye. I think women and men should own their appearance and be able to accentuate, decorate, and care for their bodies how they like. But, I do think there should be a greater awareness of how healthy food and time spent in nature can give a glow and long lasting confidence that can’t be found any form of lip-gloss or blush. If you want to make your beauty more holistic, then try to spend more time in nature and eat more natural foods. It’s one of the best and most affordable treatments out there. 

Thank you to Earth Fare for providing food that helps me feel beautiful.