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Becoming Odyssa - Biggest Regret

By Jennifer

I am very proud of my book, Becoming Odyssa. But I am NOT proud of everything I did in Becoming Odyssa. Perhaps, the thing that I value most about the book is that it is a honest, authentic retelling of my first thru-hike on the Appalachian …

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By Jennifer

Last week, our Colorado book tour took us to Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder, CO. Boulder is pretty much Outdoor Hollywood. Driving down the streets there is a good chance you will pass the Backpacker or Climbing Magazine company cars. And when you hit the …

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Brew's News

By Brew

Jen’s asked me to be a guest blogger on her website so I thought I’d start by telling everyone what I’ve been up to. After seven years of teaching middle and high school History, I’m taking a break. I love teaching and there’s a good chance I’ll end up teaching again. …

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Coffee and the A.T.

By Jennifer

Check out this link and watch the video that I worked on this winter with Appalachian Coffee Company. ACC has awesome coffee and principals. I love how their brews give a percentage of the proceeds back to the trail!


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A Thru-Hiker's Book Tour

By Jennifer

Here are the TOP 10 ways that our Book Tour is like a Thru-Hike:

10. We spend the night someplace new almost every night.

9. The space inside our Prius, is about the same as our 3-person tent.

8. If you look at our pics, it is clear …

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By Jennifer

My publisher called last Thursday.

“Guess What?! He said. “We just got you a booking on national television!”

“National TV?That’s awesome!” I replied.

“Yeah, you’ll be on Fox and Friends this Sunday.”

Long Pause.

“Jen…? Are you still there?”

It’s not that I wasn’t grateful; I …

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By Jennifer

Driving through Tennessee to begin a mid-West book tour, with my husband and baby in the car. I thought about the commitments on the horizon and the responsibilities in the rear view mirror. I started to feel the excitement of butterflies in my stomach combine with a nervousness that was …

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Matt Kirk

By Jennifer

After waiting 23 years, there is a new Self-Supported Record on the Appalachian Trail.

Matt Kirk finished his journey from Katahdin to Springer Mountain on August 7th, at 7:20 PM. He traveled 2,185.9 miles in 58 days, 9 hours and 38 minutes, an astounding average of 37.4 miles per …

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Outdoor Retailer

By Jennifer

Well, Charley survived her 19th state and 2nd Trade Show. Brew and I also tagged along to attend the summer 2013 Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City.

Outdoor Retailer is like any other trade show… BIG. It is also overwhelming and a bit hectic, but unlike other trade shows …

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By Jennifer

Almost two years ago, Brew and I worked with a woman named Gerry and her husband. It had been Gerry’s lifelong dream to hike the Appalachian Trail and now in her mid-60’s she was ready to turn that dream into a reality. Her husband was planning to support his hike …

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