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Section Hiking is HARD

By Jennifer

When I went to the Continental Divide Trail for a 12-day section hike this past August, I thought that I was going to reclaim something that was lost.


At age 24, I started Blue Ridge Hiking Company, which turned most of my local backpacking trips into guided hikes. Then …

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Appalachian Trail Film Tour

By Jennifer

It’s the year of the TRAIL MOVIE!!!

With Wild scheduled to hit theaters in December and A Walk in the Woods coming out in 2015, I am looking forward to spending some quality time at the movie theater eating buckets of buttery popcorn as I watch other people …


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Favorite New Trail Foods

By Jennifer

I wanted this blog to about the reflections of my 11 day solo backpacking trip on the CDT. But there were two problems. Number one, I discovered I am still processing a lot from that hike and I don’t know quite how to put it into words …

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Trail Records: Positive or Negative?

By Jennifer

After 12 months of traveling the country in a Prius and hiking in 44-states with our infant-turned-toddler, the Pharr Davis family took a 3-week reprieve to rest and recharge at our house in Asheville. The break, which seemed like an eternity in the beginning, was quickly …

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Takeaways of a Section Hiker

By Brew

Over the past five summers, because of my schedule as a teacher and the fact that I married a trail junkie, I’ve had the good fortune of leaving behind work, bills, and- for all intents and purposes- the world to go for a walk in some of the …

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Mother's Day Remembrance

By Jennifer

On book tour, Brew and I try to visit National Park units as often as possible. These landmarks include well-known parks such as Yellowstone or The Great Smoky Mountains, but also encompass National Scenic and Recreation Trails, as well as...

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Astronauts are Campers, too!

By Jennifer

When Brew, Charley and I went to Houston on book tour, we took some time to visit the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Not only did we get a private tour of the facility, but our family was able to have lunch with two different astronauts. … 

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When Quitting is the Right Decision

By Jennifer

He has dreamed about it for years. He spent time and money investing in all his gear. He practiced physically; he trained mentally. He even sold his business and gave his family long hugs that would last for five months!

Then, after 28 days of hiking the Appalachian …

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Training - YOUR BRAIN - For the Appalachian Trail

By brhccontributer

Hikers spends months, sometimes years, preparing for their shot at thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  They pour through hundreds of gear articles in hopes of cutting their pack weight down a few more ounces.  They cook, dehydrate, pack, and ship dozens of priority mail boxes full …

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Fundraising and the Appalachian Trail

By Jennifer

A few thousand folks will toe the Appalachian Trail this year with the goal of hiking the entire length of the trail. A few hundred of those folks are using their hike to raise awareness for a cause or raise money for a non-profit.

Fundraising …

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